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Mishelle's Healing Touch Chants for Change a 40 card deck and guidebook. Mantras for your meditation practice Mishelle Knuteson, M.H.

Meditation ~ The Art of Paying Attention
Mantra ~ Mind Tool for Focus
Sanskrit ~ The Language of Vibration

Chants For Change

Meditation is a path to joy, vitality and a fulfilled life. It is an exploration of what we pay attention to and therefore what we create in our life.

Chants for Change 40 card deck is a meditation class in a box. Each card has a different Sanskrit mantra and the mantra’s pronunciation. The guide book included with the deck gives an in-depth explanation of the meaning and intention behind each mantra and tips on how to have a successful meditation session. Simply select one card each time you meditate and focus on that mantra. Mantra pronunciation can be difficult so for a nominal charge there is a companion CD or MP3 audio download of each mantra chanted. Sample below.

Why Chant Mantras?

Mantras are powerful tools - Sanskrit syllables to support your meditation. When you vocally or silently repetitively chant the mantra during your meditation a few things can happen:

  • You calm your mind ~ Repetition of the mantra helps you move beyond the cluttered “thinking mind”. Your attention and focus are placed elsewhere so that you may learn to access the stillness within.
  • You experience being in the present ~ The sound vibrations created by the mantra allows deeper awareness of mind and body as well as current external awareness.
  • You discover your true nature ~ With frequent use of mantra meditation you gain awareness into your unique self by relaxing into your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. You gain the courage and freedom to walk your own path.

The Chants for Change card deck will assist both the beginner as well as the advanced meditator in their meditation experience.

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