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Card Deck & Mala Necklace!

Mindful Meditation ~ Mantra for attention and focus

Daily Affirmation ~ Choose a card for a message for the day

Healing ~ The resonance from chanting brings a natural response of healing


By ordering today here's what you'll get...

~ Deck comes with 40 Sanskrit mantra cards.

~ Sandalwood 108 bead mala necklace (you get to choose your 7 accent gem stones)

~ Mantra’s pronunciation

~ Guidebook with in-depth explanation of each mantra

~ Beautiful message each day

~ Meditation class in a box

~ Tips on how to have a successful meditation session.

~ Assists both beginner and advanced meditator

***Simply select one card each time you meditate and focus on that mantra. This will help your meditation be more focused and it is fun to choose a card and see what chant comes to you for the day***

Mala Prayer Necklace is made from Nepal Sandalwood beads and accent gemstones. The beads have been cleansed and blessed for use. Mala necklaces are used as a counting tool as you chant mantra in your meditation practice. This helps your meditation to be focused and fun. The beads hold the charge of these healing vibrations, so as you wear the necklace, either around your neck or wrapped around your wrist, these healing vibrations will be with you throughout the day. Vibrations help bring healing and peace.

There are a total of 108 counting beads on the necklace, plus Guru bead and spacer bead. You have a choice of accent gemstone.

* Guru bead is gemstone 10mm

* Sandalwood beads and 2 gemstones on each side of Guru bead are 8mm

* Spacer bead (marking half way) is 6mm gemstone


Crown Chakra ~ Amethyst

Third Eye Chakra ~ Lapis Lazuli

Throat Chakra ~ Blue Lace Agate

Heart Chakra ~ Jade

Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Golden Tigers Eye

Sacral Chakra ~ Carnelian

Root Chakra ~ Red/Black Jasper


Also: Full Chakra Rainbow (with stones listed above)

Soft Rainbow (moon stone, soda lite, agate, rose quartz, citrine, sun stone, smokey quartz)

Rose Quartz

Clear Quartz

Sandalwood’s magical powers are believed to enhance your meditation and increase the power of your wishes | Benefits - Clairvoyance, divination, good luck, meditation, protection, success.

The gemstones are healing stones. Here is a list of the healing properties:


Crown Chakra ~

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